The Book Club of A History of Chinese Silk Art

A History of Chinese Silk Art is an academic monograph of Zhao feng, who is the curator of China National Silk Museum and an expert on the history of silk. In the book, he clearly elaborated the characteristics of ancient silk varieties, and incisively analyzed the Chinese silk technology and its humanistic values from the perspective of artistic form and cultural connotation. This book has been welcomed by readers since its publication.


The book club of A History of Chinese Silk Art was held at Brocade Cafe in China National Silk Museum on March 17. In the warm spring day, members who are traditional costume and silk art enthusiasts in book club gathered at Brocade Cafe to exchange ideas with each other after reading the book.

Members have selected several chapters of A History of Chinese Silk Art for detailed study, combined with relevant extended knowledge to form a written report, and shared their thoughts with everyone in the book club.



The members of this book club came from all walks of life, most of them join in the meeting because of the hobby of silk and textile arts and also the doubt after reading A History of Chinese Silk Art. Lu jialiang, a professor from School of Materials and Textiles of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, was invited by China National Silk Museum to comment on everyone's reading reports and answer questions.


The museum curator, Zhao Feng also came to the book club to share his writing experience of A History of Chinese Silk Art, made further communication with members and invited everyone to visit China National Silk Museum.


Many members brought their own collection of fabrics, dyes and other related objects for everyone to learn the silk art.


Feel the tapestry


cognize dyes


Compare with indanthrene blue and indigo


explore the embroidery stitching


identify various fabrics

After the book club, members gathered again in Fashion Gallery to feel the charm of Miao Costumes in Guizhou exhibition, Fashion of China exhibition, Western Fashion exhibition. All members expressed their hope that this kind of book club activities can continue to be held to help amateur of silk culture to better study and explore.


On March 18, members visited the Silk Road Gallery, Weaving Gallery, and Conservation Gallery under the guidance of professional docent from China National Silk Museum. After visiting the museum, they also further exchanged their ideas and discussed Chinese silk art.

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