International Silk Boutique Exhibition Silk Road Splendid

Exhibition place:International Silk Art Exhibition Hall, B1 Floor, Fashion Gallery, China National Silk Museum

Exhibition time:2020.6 - 2020.8

Organizers: International Silk Union  China National Silk Museum

Co-organizer: Hangzhou Jingluntang Cultural Creative Co., Ltd.

Supporters: Zhejiang Cathaya International Co., Ltd.   High Fashion International Limited

         Lao Sericulture Company  Kei Meas Handicrafts

         Zhejiang Canyuan Home Textile Co., Ltd.  Journal of Silk

         Hangzhou Oriental Silk Culture and Brand Research Center


The main purpose of International Silk Art Exhibition Hall is to promote communication in the field of silk in various countries and regions. The display of silk boutiques and brands is to reflect the profoundness of silk culture.

For this International Silk Boutique Exhibition, ISU invites 6 companies(brands) from Laos, Cambodia, China, which are Mulberries, Kei Meas, Cathaya, Jingluntang, High Fashion and Canyuan. All the exhibits are rich and diverse, covering scarves, fabrics, apparel, household goods and silk protein soaps, etc., trying to enrich the public's understanding of silk through the application in different regions and product fields, demonstrate the diversity of sericulture and broaden the use of silk.


Mulberrise is the brand of Lao Sericulture Company. In 1976, the founder, Kommaly Chanthavong initiated the Phontong Handicraft Cooperative. In 1990, established the joint ventures. In 1993, Mulberries organic silk farm was established, by providing training and support in silk worm rearing, art and craft practices of weaving. This is to revive and encourage the Lao traditional practice of silk fibre production, and in turn aid the social and economic development of rural and remote villages. All the silkworm and silk products are all handmade and naturally dyed.


With love and passion for the Khmer traditional dress, Kei Meas Handicrafts was found by Ms. Simheang Tex in 2015, aiming to conserve Khmer culture through making unique products and sales. KMH is a social enterprise that makes good quality national custom dress and most up-to-date fashion dress for the domestic market and begins overseas export. Both men and women wear are all handmade.


Cathaya Group, formerly known as Zhejiang Silk Group Co., Ltd., founded in 1950. As a whole industrial chain enterprise in the global silk industry, starting from the origin of high-quality cocoon and raw silk, it controls the production line of the high-end silk industrial chain, creates and spreads silk culture and quality lifestyle in innovative, artistic, interesting and sincere ways. It is committed to becoming an expert in the full range of silk with intriguing and interesting content and the best product understanding.


In 2010, Cathaya International Co., Ltd. and China National Silk Museum co-founded the Chinese high culture silk brand -- Jingluntang, showing the intensive cultivation of traditional Chinese culture. With ingenious craftsmanship and unique artistic perspective, it excavates interesting creativity to weave silk cultural products with noble texture and elegant taste.

High Fashion(Hong Kong, China)

High Fashion Group is established in 1978 and listed in 1992 on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, High Fashion International Group is powered by three core industries - advanced manufacturing, brand retailing and industrial platforms, boasting a modern and innovative silk fashion enterprise with full industry supply chain capabilities integrating textile, printing and dyeing, apparel, design and development, industrial park, and an academic institution. This time two brands Susan Carlington and CB are exhibited.


Canyuan is committed to spreading Chinese culture and life aesthetics, so that more friends can have a healthy and good sleep. Over the past 28 years, it has strictly adhered to the business philosophy of "Only make good silk for life", focusing on R&D and design. It has the first water-washed silk quilt patent and the certified "Quality Defined". It was the drafting unit of silk quilt national standard in 2019, and participated in the filming of CCTV-7 "Nong Guang Tian Di" for silk quilt technology specialty. It has the special golden silkworm species named Jinqiu×Churi jointly developed with Zhejiang University, which has derived a series of special products such as golden cocoons.

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