Zhao Feng

China National Silk Museum
Tel: 0571-87036127

of CNSM, director of Chinese Textiles Identification Protection Center; professor and PhD supervisor of Donghua University; member of National Committee of Cultural Relics; council member of Centre International d'Etude des Textiles Anciens (CIETA); director of Dunhuang Studies of Zhejiang province; representative of 11th National People's Congress; one of Zhejiang Provincial “Super Experts”; director of Key Scientific Research Base of Textile Conservation, SACH.

Research area:
History of Chinese silk; identification and conservation of textile relics; cultural communication between China and the world along the Silk Road

Educational experience:
1978-1982, major in Dyeing & Finishing in Zhejiang Institute of Silk Textile (now Zhejiang Sci-Tech University), bachelor's degree
1982-1984, major in Chinese Silk History in Zhejiang Institute of Silk Textile (now Zhejiang Sci-Tech University), master degree
1995-1997, major in Textile History of China in China Textile University (now Donghua University), doctorate

Working experience:
1984-1991, Zhejiang Institute of Silk Textile as assistant researcher
1991-now, China National Silk Museum, serves as curator & researcher
1997-1998, visiting researcher of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York
1999, visiting researcher of Toronto Royal Ontario Museum
2006, visiting researcher of British Museum in London

Research topics & projects in charge:

National Science and Technology Support Programs: 2002-2004, Sub-topic "Document Collection & Existing Situation Investigation of Silk Relics’ Conservation" of "Ancient Silk Diseases and Conservation"

"Campus Plan": 2008, "Restoring Ancient Tools Techniques of Clamp-resist Dyeing"; 2009, "Exposing & Displaying the Value of Weaving Techniques of Eastern Zhou Dynasty – Take Unearthed Textiles as Examples"

China's National Social Science Fund Projects: 2006-2007, “Dunhuang Silk and Silk Road”

State Key Publishing Projects: 2002-2005, “The General History of Chinese Silk”; 2006-2015, “Textiles De Dunhuang Dans Les Collections Francaises”; 2011-2012, "Splendid China" series

State Administration of Cultural Heritage projects: 2003-2004, “Conservation and Research of Liao Silk Relics”; 2005-2006, “Technical Specification on Textile Conservation”

Projects of Zhejiang Provincial Cultural Heritage: 2007-2008, “Silk Proteins Reinforcement in Fragile Silk Relics”
2010-2011, “Museum Lighting Conditions and Their Effects on Vegetable Dyes”; 2012-2013, “Research & Conservation of Fur Textile Relics – Take Unearthed Textiles from the Little River Graveyard as Examples”; Co-operative research: 2008, “Early Medieval Textiles and Garments of Ferghana Valley by Material from the Burial Ground of Munchaktepa in Uzbekistan”; 2012-2013, “Construction of the Natural Dye Database – Focus on Fieldwork”

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