2021 Silk Road Week|Silk Road and Curation Seminar was held in CNSM

Silk Road Online Museum (SROM) was built by CNSM and other more than 40 museums around the world, launching on June 18th, the day of opening ceremony of 2021 Silk Road Week. It  is comprised of four distinctive sections, they are Digital Collection, Digital Exhibition, Digital Knowledge, an/d Online-Curating. The website is 

fro/m June 20th to June 21st, Silk Road and Curation Seminar was held in CNSM, including online-Curating.

The first 3D exhibition made by online curating has launched, dividing into four units: Steppe Silk Road,Silk Road of the Desert Oasis, Maritime Silk Road an/d Buddhist Silk Road. The collections includes 79 sets/pieces fr/m 47 museums in 17countries.

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