PLUS ULTRA: Review of international cooperation of China National Silk Museum

Plus ultra goes the power of ambition, unstoppable from any mountains and sea. 

China National Silk Museum is a first class national museum specializing in Chinese silk. It indicates to textile heritage collection, protection, research, exhibition, inheritance and innovation. Since the official opening in February 1992, it has weathered ups and downs over the past three decades, and formed the characteristics of “Conservation Cycle, Research Center, International Platform, Fashion Icon”. The way of forming the International platform is a continuation of the Silk Road thousands year ago. In 1993, Zhao Feng, the then deputy director of NSM, visited Sweden for the first time. In 1995, NSM held its first exhibition in Montreal, Canada. 

In the following decades, the museum has played a significant role in aspects like facilitating  Silk Road research, collaborating textile conservation, exchanging fashion exhibitions, and participating in construction to International museum operation mechanism by means of technological support and fashion integration via the platform of Silk Roads.

On the occasion of the International Museum’s Day and the 30 years anniversary of the museum establishment on May 17th, China National Silk Museum released the film “PLUS ULTRA:Review of international cooperation of China National Silk Museum”, which introduces the 30 years of its Internationalization. 

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