9th International Shibori Symposium 2014 (9ISS)

World Shibori Network (WSN) & China National Silk Museum (CNSM)


    A series of “Resist Dyeing on the Silk Road” exhibitions and 9th International Shibori Symposium will be held at China National Silk Museum from October 13 to November 4, 2014.


1. 9ISS Introduction

    From ancient times, long before the Silk Road became active under the Han dynasty (BCE 202 to CE 220), China was home to an advanced civilization and became a major center for artistic and technological progress. Cultural transmission and exchange between East and West have been important throughout China’s history of commerce and trade. Although the international textile term “shibori”originally referred to Japanese shaped-resist dyeing, similar techniques have been found in many other parts of the world. Archaeological textiles found along the Silk Road in China made their way to the north, the south and to Japan, the farthest country to the east, where many fragile textiles from 6th and 8th centuries survived in a temple building. This is the first ISS to be held in mainland China, and it is an honor to convene in the land where many forms of resist-dyeing originated.

    Hangzhou welcomes participants to the Ninth International Shibori Symposium. This ancient city is located on Hangzhou Bay in the Yangtze River Delta in Eastern China,180 kilometres (110 mi) southwest of Shanghai. For centuries Hangzhou has been one of the two major centers of silk production in China, supplying nearly half of product source for China’s silk trade. It hosts the China National Silk Museum(CNSM), a cosponsor of the 9th ISS, and the China Academy of Art; and many Silk Road tours begins from there.

    Through this international gathering, we aim to encourage the study, practice, and innovation of resist dyed textiles. We focus on the fact that the material is compressed by the artist’s design and physical manipulation. All these textile techniques are characterized by the transformation of dimensions, in ikat, for example,from 1-D to 3-D and then woven to 2- D; in clamp resist, from 2-Dto 3-D and back to 2-D. Studying natural dyes and processes is an integral part of our inquiry into compression-resist textiles from the past to the present.

    Placing this 9th ISS in Hangzhou, at the heart of Asia’s cultural landscape, along the Silk Road,we choose to examine both historical and contemporary resist dyed textiles within the context of trade and exchange between East and West, North and South. This is the place where Marco Polo encountered Tang-dynasty China. Like modern-day explorers, we are looking at opportunities for using both ancient and modern techniques as catalysts for new scientific approaches to textile formation. In effect we are paving the way for a new silk road, a modern dialogue of textile research and application.

    9ISS exhibitions will open from Oct. 13 – Dec. 7, 2014, to the public, including “Resist Dyeing on the Silk Road: Ancient China”, “Resist Dyeing on the Silk Road: World Shibori & Asian Ikat”, “Resist Dyeing on the Silk Road: Contemporary Art”,“WANG Xu: Research on Chinese Resist Dyeing”, and “New Beat: International Students Concourse”, etc. in CNSM, and “Ancient Costume Replica” in Xiangxian Gallery.

    9ISS symposium, focused on archaeology, ethnology, fashion & costume, art, compression resist,conservation, etc. nine panels to discuss, will be held from Oct. 31 – Nov.4,2014 in Hangzhou. During the session, craft market, workshops, demonstrations,and other related activities will take place as well.


2. 9ISS Exhibitions





Resist Dyeing on the Silk Road: Ancient China

CNSM - Permanent Gallery

Oct. 13 - Dec.12, 2014

Resist Dyeing on the Silk Road: World Shibori & Asian Ikat

CNSM –Textile Conservation Gallery

Oct. 13 - Dec.7, 2014

Resist Dyeing on the Silk Road: Contemporary Art

CNSM - Temporary Gallery

Oct. 13 - Dec.7, 2014

Resist Dyeing on the Silk Road: WANG Xu's Research Archive

CNSM – Xinyou Archive Center

Oct. 17 - Dec.7, 2014

New Beat: International Students Concourse

CNSM - Education Center


Oct. 30 – Nov.2, 2014

Resist Dyeing on the Silk Road: the Craft of Chinese Gambiered Gauze

CNSM - Nature Dye Gallery of Sericulture and Silk Craftsmanship in China

Oct. 31 – Dec.7, 2014

Resist Dyeing on the Silk Road: Art in Nature

CNSM - Garden

Oct. 31 – Dec.7, 2014

Jinze Sponsor Ancient Costume Replica

Xiangxian Gallery

Oct. 31 – Dec.7, 2014



3. 9ISS Main Programs

         Date:Oct. 31 – Nov. 4, 2014

         Venue(Main):  China National Silk Museum 


         Theme:“From the Silk Road to the World: Shibori, Clamp-resist, and Ikat”

         Participants:about 300 from mainland and Hongkong of China, Japan, USA, France, Mexico,etc., 30 speakers


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