New Research on the Sogdians in China

January 20-22, 2014

China National Silk Museum, Hangzhou


Monday January 20

(International group and Silk Museum staff)


10-12                 Tour of the museum and chance to meet museum staff


12-1.30               Lunch


1.30-3.00             Visit tothe Textile Conservation Gallery, and to visit some ancient textiles


3.00-5.00             Discussion, led by Zhao Feng


Tuesday, January 21

(International group, Silk Museum staffand invited Chinese scholars)


10-10.15            Welcomeand Introductions         Zhao Feng,Director, China National Silk Museum


10.15-10.30         Project Background                JulianRaby, Director, Freer|Sackler Gallery


10.30-11.30           Presentations:

                 YANG Junkai, Xi’an Municipal Bureau ofCultural Relics and Archaeology, Xi’an, Shaanxi province

                 LUO Feng, Head, Institute of CulturalRelics and Archaeology, Ningxia-Hui Autonomous Region

                 ZHANG Qingjie, General Secretary, ShanxiProvincial Institute of Archaeology,Taiyuan, Shanxi province


11.30-12.30           Discussion


12.30-2pm             Lunch


2.00-3.15pm          Presentations:

                LIN Meicun, Professor, Department of Archaeology and Museology,Peking University

                ZHANG Zong, Researcher, Institute forWorld Religions, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

                RONG Xinjiang, Professor, Department ofArchaeology and Museology, Peking University


3.15-4.00pm         Discussion


Wednesday, January 22

(International group and Silk Museumstaff)


10-12                 Wrapup conversation


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