Dunhuang and Silk

Time: afternoon of December 29, 2013

Venue: Educational Center, CNSM

    Host by China Dunhuang Turpan Society,organized by Dyeing and Weaving Committee of China Dunhuang Turpan Society andChina National Silk Museum.

Keynote speakers:

ZHOU Yang (China National Silk Museum):Unearthed Textiles from Dunhuang: Focusing on Fiber and Dyes

WANG Le (Donghua University): Silk Fabrics’Varieties in Dunhuang

ZHAO Feng (China National Silk Museum): TheOrigins of Dunhuang Silk

WEI Tuo (London University): Silk Paintingsin Dunhuang

YANG Jianjun (Academy of Arts & Design,Tsinghua University): Production Technology Analysis on Murals and ColorfulCostumes Patterns of the Tang Dynasty in Dunhuang

CAI Jianhong (Dunhuang Academy): Trace ofDunhuang Murals

YANG Zhishui (Institute of Literature, ChineseAcademy of Social Sciences): Motif of Flying Butterflies and Birds: A Story that an Embroidered Pattern Tells

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