Glancing at the Chinese Tea Spreading to the West, Based on the Research of Cultural Relics in the China National Tea Museum

Guo Danying; Feng Weiying

(China National Tea Museum, Hangzhou,310013)

Abstract: Since the seventeenth century,tea (Camellia Sinensis) was been taken to the west, and soon became one of the most important and valuable commodities on the south Marine Silk Road. When tea was accepted by the local people and into the culture, the custom of tea drinking required an increased demand of tea wares and which improved the market demand of China. Collections in the China National Tea Museum,including the tea salvaged from the wrecks, teawares, and some paintings, show and reveal the history of the seventeenth to nineteenth century of Chinese tea spreading to the West. Influences to the culture, economy andthe porcelain industry from Western society were discussed in conclusion.

Keywords: cultural relic; tea; tea wares; western society; cross-cultural influences

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