Annual Report Press Released during the 2020 Silk Road Week

The Annual Report of Silk Road Cultural Heritage 2019 is a Silk Road cultural heritage information exchange platform launched by the International Centre for Silk Road and Intercultural Communication with the support of the UNESCO World Heritage Centre and the Silk Road Project and under the guidance of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage. The Annual Report of Silk Road Cultural Heritage 2019 was edited by Zhao Feng, director of the Chinese National Silk Museum, and was written with the participation of other experts and professors. It collected important events in the world during the year 2019, especially in countries and regions along the Silk Road, and was reviewed by more than 30 international experts who were invited to make recommendations and comments.


The Annual Report of Silk Road Cultural Heritage 2019 comprises four sections: archaeological discoveries, theme exhibitions, academic achievements and cultural events on the Silk Road. Of particular interest are the "Top 10" for each section, as selected by the experts invited to judge each section:

The Top 10 Archaeological Discoveries on the Silk Road

1. The Remains of AI Serrian, Saudi Arabia

2. The Ruins of Mes Aynak, Afghanistan

3. The Heishanling Turquoise-Mining Sites, China

4. The Ruins of the Ancient City of Paharpur, Bangladesh

5. The Ruins of Krasnaya Rechka, Kyrgyzstan

6. Mingtepa City Site, Uzbekistan

7. The Gol Mod 2 Cemetery, Mongolia

8. The Tomb of Devitsa, Russia

9. The Tomb of Murong Zhi of the Tuyuhun Royal Family, China

10. The South China Sea No.1 Shipwreck, China

The Top 10 Exhibitions on the Silk Road 

1. The Maritime Secrets Revealed from Ancient Ships, Vietnam National History Museum, Vietnam

2. Return from the East: Silk, Spices and Precious Stones, Nantes Museum, France

3. Exhibition of Cultural Relics of the Silk Road National Museum, National Museum of China, China

4. The Route of the Sea: Nanhai No. 1 Shipwreck Maritime Trade in the Southern Song Dynasty, Guangdong Provincial Museum, China

5. Returning to Bukhara: An Exhibition of Cultural Relics from the Tomb of General An Pu and His Wife in the Tang Dynasty , National History Museum, Uzbekistan

6. Life Along the Silk Road: Little Stories During the Great Era, China National Silk Museum, China

7. Cultural Exchanges Along the Silk Road: Art Treasures from the Tubo Period, Dunhuang Research Institute, China

8. Silk Road Cities, Leiden University, Netherlands

9. A Special Exhibition on the Civilizations of the Silk Road, Sackler Museum of Archaeology and Art, Peking University, China

10. Golden Horde: The Cradle of Kazakh Statehood, Central National Museum, Kazakhstan

The Top 10 Academic Research Publications on the Silk Road

1. Yutaka Yoshida, Three Manichaean Sogdian Letters Unearthed in Bazaklik, Turfan (English)

2. Christoph Baumer & Mirko Novak, Urban Cultures of Central Asia from the Bronze Age to the Karakhanids: Learnings and Conclusions from New Archaeological Investigations and Discoveries (English)

3. Xu Di, The Dunhuang Grottoes and Global Education: Philosophical, Spiritual, Scientific, and Aesthetic Insights (English)

4. Warwick Ball, Archaeological Gazetteer of Afghanistan: Revised Edition (English)

5. Li Ling, Reading Persia (Chinese)

6. Wei Zhijiang, History of Eurasia and the Silk Road (Chinese)

7. Takao Moriyasu, Corpus of the Old Uighur Letters from the Eastern Silk Road (English)

8. Susan Whitfield, Silk Roads: Peoples, Cultures, Landscapes (English)

9. Rong Xinjiang and Zhu Yuqi, New Exploration of the Silk Road: Archaeology, Literature and Academic History (Chinese)

10. Diego Tamburini,Caroline R. Cartwright and Monique Pullan, An Investigation of the Dye Palette in Chinese Silk Embroidery from Dunhuang (English)

The Top 10 Cultural Events on the Silk Road

1. Maritime Silk Road Culture Tour, 1 January – 27 October, 2019, Manila, Philippines

2. International Seminar on Archaeology of the Silk Road, 23-24 January, 2019, Tokyo, Japan, 

3. The Central Asian Archaeological Landscapes Project, 18 February – 31 December, 2019 London, United Kingdom

4. Silk Road Ministers Meeting, 6 March, 2019 , Berlin, Germany

5. The "Belt and Road" Cultural Heritage International Cooperation Alliance, 11 May, 2019, Xi'an, China

6. Photo Exhibition and Cultural Salon Activities to Commemorate the 5th Anniversary of the Silk Road Heritage Application, 6-7 July, 2019, Baku, Azerbaijan

7. Sixth Meeting of the Coordinating Committee on the Serial Transnational World Heritage Nomination of the Silk Roads, 23-26 September, 2019, Hamadan, Iran

8. The First Dialogue on Exchanges and Mutual Learning among Civilizations, 28 November, 2019, Beijing, China

9. Conference of Members of the International Silk Union 2019, 5 December, 2019, Hangzhou, China

10. The 14th Annual Meeting of the Intergovernmental Committee on Intangible Cultural Heritage, 9-14 December, 2019, Bogota, Colombia

The Annual Report of Silk Road Cultural Heritage 2019 is the first report of the International Institute for International Dialogue on the Silk Roads, which aims to identify and record relevant works of Silk Road cultural heritage, to provide information for academic research in Silk Road cultural heritage, to provide opportunities for the countries and regions along the Silk Road to learn from each other, to create a more positive and harmonious atmosphere, and to promote the construction of the contributions of Silk Road cultural heritage to the community of human destiny.

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