In the mood for Qipao: Hangzhou to dig deeper into the "silk-ology"

Source: In Zhejiang (Ye Ke, Meng Xingyi) 

For centuries, women from the oriental world are considered to be the epitome of grace an d charm. Their elegance an d beauty stan d out through various external expressions, for instance, their taste of dressing, in particular. Among numerous types of costumes, Qipao is undoubtedly the most influential one. Qipao, also known as cheongsam in Cantonese, is a type of feminine body-hugging dress with distinctive Chinese features. The modern variety of Qipao is a one-piece, form-fitting dress that has a high slit on one or both sides. 

An exhibition named "Poetry: Global Qipao Invitational Exhibition, 2020" kicked off on October 16, an d will probably last until the beginning of next year at the China National Silk Museum in Hangzhou, the capital city of Zhejiang Province. The exhibition has included 40 exquisite pieces designed by artists from all over the world. Since the first exhibition in 2018, China National Silk Museum keeps holding the series of the Global Qipao Invitational Exhibition every year. 

The theme of the Qipao exhibition this year is “Poetry”. The poetic theme decodes the organizer's hope of spreading the culture of Qipao in a poetic way, with a poetic concept. They are three units of this year's exhibition -"Grace of the Nine Regions", "Romance of the Seven Seas" an d "Fashion of the Octopath". 

open ceremony at China National Silk Museum

exhibition tour by curator Pan Anni

As part of the celebrations of the Hangzhou Global Qipao Festival, the exhibition showcases not only the charm of Chinese sericulture but also the determination of China to further open up an d embrace the world. As a birthplace of silk culture, Hangzhou is an ideal place for providing abundant materials for Qipao an d other silk-related costumes. In recent years, by holding a series of events on silk culture, such as the Silk Road Week an d Hangzhou Global Qipao Festival, Hangzhou has done pretty well in terms of digging deeper into the "silk-ology". 

During the nearly half-year exhibition, a range of qipao gowns with distinctive characteristics will be put on display, telling the history of Qipao's "poetic" essence an d showcasing its magic power that has merged the fashions of East an d West.

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