Broad Foundation and High Specialization: Celebrating 30 years of China National Silk Museum

Exhibition place:First Floor, Fashion Gallery, China Silk Museum

Exhibition time:2022.4 - 2022.6

On February 26,2022, China National Silk Museum (hereinafter referred to as NSM) celebrates its 30th anniversary. After 30 years of development, NSM has become a national firstclass

museum which integrates the collection, protection, study, display, inheritation and innovation of ancient and modern textile cultural heritages at home and abroad with Chinese silk as the core.

It is arduous to open up and innovate today. It’s the best time for cultural and museum undertakings to develop. NSM will continue to uphold the concept of “broad foundation and high specialization”, and strive to build a cultural highland with both Chinese characteristics and international-style expression by taking advantage of the era, uniting the aspirations of society and gathering the strength of the whole museum.

In the long history of mankind, 30 years is just an instant. In the 5,000 years’ history of silk, 30 years is just a blink. In the life cycle of NSM, 30 years is just its beginning.

Despite of whatever we’ve achieved and lost before, we’ll step ahead unswervingly just like how we’d kicked off at the very beginning. At the age of 30, NSM would like to hold this celebration to review its development history, summarize the practical experience, extend thanks to all sectors of society, and head for a better future.

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