Glorious Stage: Costume Design Exhibition of Dance Drama “Knife Club”

Exhibition place:Xinyou Archive Center

Exhibition time:2022.7 - 2022.10

The dance drama “Knife Club” is the first large-scale folk dance drama created and performed by Shanghai Experimental Opera House (the predecessor of Shanghai Song and Dance Theater) after its establishment in 1956. The whole play shows the historical features of the “Knife Club” in seven scenes of "uprising", "victory", "protest", "night attack", "request for help", "breakthrough" and "forward". Its stage costumes are recreated on the basis of absorbing the essence and characteristics of traditional Chinese costumes, martial arts costumes and ancient costumes, which are highly concise and distinctive in style. This exhibition displays the design drafts of performance costumes made by Shanghai Drama Costume Factory.

This set of design drafts includes the shapes and flags of more than 30 characters such as Liu Lichuan, Pan Qixiang, Zhou Xiuying, etc.

In addition to the line drawings, there are also many fabric samples of the clothing, which can be seen as a glimpse of the stage clothing design in the 1960s and 1970s.




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