Impressions of Han and Wei Dynasties Chinese Costumes(200BC-600AD)

Exhibition place:Textile Conservation Gallery

Exhibition time:2022.9 - 2022.11

Curator: Xue Yan

Sponsor: China National Silk Museum, Xuzhou Museum

Organizer: China National Silk Museum


With the channeling of the Silk Road and frequent cultural exchanges between the East and the West, the Chinese culture in the Han and the Wei Dynasties reached a scenario of diversity and integration and the culture of costumes also witnessed a new peak: many new elements infused into traditional silk technology, the making of multifarious colorful textile fabrics with the input, cultivation and implication of various plant dyes into China. The costumes of the Han and the Wei, including plain yarn Zen costumes as thin as a cicada’s wings and Shenyi (traditional Chinese robes) with layers of curved hems in the Western Han Dynasty, widesleeves, narrow-sleeves or half-sleeves, floor-length long skirts, short silk shirts or blouses and embroidered dresses, left us the impressions of being elegant, gorgeous and beautiful and exerted a profound impact on history. Up to now, there are still many Hanfu (Han-style costumes) lovers who work for inheriting and promoting traditional Chinese costume culture.

This exhibition showcases the painted pottery figurines collected by Xuzhou Museum and textile costumes collected by China National Silk Museum. The painted figurines, with different figures, colorful and diversified costumes, as well as vivid images, present us not only their artistic characteristics but a glimpse into the Han and the Wei costumes.


pottery figurines collected by Xuzhou Museum

Socks 1-3th Century A.D.


pottery figurine collected by Xuzhou Museum


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