Timeless Elegance: Global Qipao Invitational Design Work Retrospective Exhibition

Exhibition place:First Floor, Fashion Gallery, China Silk Museum

Exhibition time:2022.9 - 2022.12

Inheriting the elements of the ancient Chinese robe, combining with the tailoring method of the western costume, qipao is the outcome of the combination of eastern and western dress culture. Rising in 1920s and handed down to the present, it is recognized as the most representative Chinese female traditional costumes and spread from China to the rest of the world. As the saying goes, “Distant hills are ethereal like eyebrows,above the water the vapour floats."

Qipao shares the same timeless charm in its birthplace of China, or the places where it spreads. Since 2018, along with the Hangzhou Global Qipao Festival, China National Silk Museum has organized four global qipao invitational design work exhibitions, named Mountain and Water, Celebration, Poetry and Vision. Designers from 30 countries and regions studied qipao culture, design qipao in the context of their own regional culture and from the perspectives of their own fields. In this progress, qipao becomes the achievement of the combination of western and eastern culture, as it originally is, 100 years after its birth.

Resonance –  Dafna Stoilkova

Born From a Cocoon - Svetlana Gromik Venger

Kołbiela – Dorota Kołodyńska 

Fish Dress - Maria Carmen Perez Pastor 

Plum Blossom – 余婳 (Yu Hua)

Blue and White Porcelain– 尤珈

Spring Dawn – Susana Arce Dubois

Cambodia-China Friendship- 刘婵香(Tex Simheang)

Han-Atlas Qipao-Umida Muminova

Golden Wedding Dress-Umida Muminova

  Flowers Bloom, Sufferings Disappear –Minrisot Liu

 MAO – Weiwei Zhao

Night Dress– Natali Ruden

Afghan Dress – Zarlashta Jalalzai

Thai-Lamphun – Chombongkod Pattanawit

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