Auspicious Designs on Traditional Chinese Garments and Accessories

Exhibition place:Textile Conservation Gallery

Exhibition time:2023.4 - 2023.6


China has long been crowned as “a country of garments”, whose auspicious designs showcase the aesthetic interest and pursuit of happy life among ancient Chinese. These designs, along with the various workmanships of weaving, embroidery, printing and dyeing, have been well fitted into the delicate silk garments, revealing people’s good wishes for their promising offspring, longevity, immortality, prosperity, a successful marriage and a life without evil spirits and disasters etc., from all of which the elegant charm of ancient Chinese civilization can be felt. In the early stage, designs of imagined rare animals were adopted on the garments; during the Tang and Song dynasties, natural items such as flowers, birds and insects were pursued, and later in the Ming and Qing dynasties, secular world scenes were embraced. These auspicious decorative patterns have been developing for thousands of years from the mysterious heavenly creatures to secular world scenes. 

Unit 1 Heavenly Fantasy

Donated by Michel Francis

Unit 2 Coexistence of Diversity

Unit 3 Natural Scenes

Unit 4 Secular World Scenes

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