Fashion All Beings: Thirty Years of Chinese Fashion Design

Exhibition place:First Floor, Fashion Gallery, China Silk Museum

Exhibition time:2022.12 - 2023.3

China National Silk Museum opened a new fashion exhibition to review the development of Chinese fashion design in the past 30 years. The exhibition is entitled "Fashion All Beings: Thirty Years of Chinese Fashion Design" and jointly curated by China National Silk Museum, China Fashion Designers Association and College of clothing of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University. 

Looking back on the development of modern Chinese fashion design, 1993 is an important year that can be recorded in the history. In May 1993, the first China International Fashion Fair (CHIC) was held in Beijing, and the first "Brother Cup" China International Young Fashion Designers Contest was successfully held. The China Fashion Association (CFA) was also established in the same year. The day after the opening of CHIC, then President Jiang Zemin met with the world-famous fashion masters Valentino, Gianfranco Ferre, Pierre Cardin and others, Showing the importance China attaches to modern fashion design and the development of the fashion industry. Designers, entrepreneurs, educators and communication media related to fashion spoke out neatly for the first time. All these important events made 1993 an iconic moment.

The exhibition collects diverse, multi-faced and multi-level exhibits over the past 30 years, including award-winning works of China International Young Fashion Designers Contest, works of emerging designers in the international fashion arena, fashion publications, and video of interviews with experts in textile and fashion education in universities. From the creative design, international exchange, media communication, fashion education and other various dimensions, showing the evolution and progress of China's fashion design.

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