CNSM Volunteer Service Regulations

Chapter I   General Provisions

Article 1   The regulations have been formulated in order to advance the works of the museum, to encourage and normalize the volunteer service activities and to improve human quality of life, by Zhejiang Museum of Natural History, Zhejiang Provincial Museum, China National Silk Museum, and China National Tea Museum together, in accordance with Hangzhou Voluntary Service Ordinance.

Article 2   An individual volunteer is someone who, out of devotion, friendship and love, mutual assistance and social responsibility, willing to contribute their personal time, skills, etc. to serve the community without pay.

Article 3   The mission of museum volunteers is to spread the museum culture and conserve the human civilization, all in the service of the public.

Chapter II   Volunteer Requirement & Recruitment

Article 4   Volunteer Requirement
An individual volunteer shall be above 12-year-old, and have corresponding capacity for volunteer service activities and passion on the social serves of the museum.
Anyone or any group that have corresponding capacity for providing services within the administrative regions of this municipality.

Article 5   Volunteer Categories
    Individual volunteer
    Group volunteer (groups with over 20 individuals)
Article 6   Volunteer Recruitment
    1. Participating in of their own free will;
    2. Submitting a volunteer application who is qualified
    3. Interviewing
    4. Training
    5. Volunteering

Chapter Ⅲ   Volunteer’s Rights & Obligations

Article 7   Volunteer’s Rights
To have free admission and priority access to all the displays and exhibitions;
To have access to use the books and materials of the museum
To require certain allowances
To take part in training programs
To put forward suggestions

Article 8   Volunteer’s Obligations
To agree to a minimum 5 hour commitment serve per month according to the serve commitment
To behave good
To abide by the articles of volunteer service regulations

Chapter Ⅳ Volunteer Management

Article 9    The museum shall provide Volunteer Handbook to volunteers, and record each activity faithfully.
Article 10   Volunteers shall wear the uniform badges of volunteer services when engaging in the volunteer services. On general, each volunteering period is one year; extending or interrupting shall be applied.

Article 11   Applications are available throughout the year, though the recruitment concentrated in May and November each year.

Article 12   Any individuals and groups that do excellent work during volunteering shall be commended around December 5th, International Volunteer Day.

Article 13     Any volunteer who serves over 5 years continuously and makes outstanding contributions shall be honored as “The Honorary Museum Fellow”.

Article 14   The volunteer qualification shall be withdrawn and would never be applied again if any volunteer who:
has committed illegal activities, and punished by the public security organs
has done something unseemly and made terrible effects
has done something against the Volunteer Service Regulations

Chapter Ⅴ  Supplementary Provisions

Article 15    The power of interpretation of these Regulations shall be vested in Zhejiang Museum of Natural History, Zhejiang Provincial Museum, China National Silk Museum, and China National Tea Museum.


Article 16    These Regulations shall go into effect from the date of promulgation.

May 18, 2006

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