ZHOU Jiu: Changing --- Digital Jacquard

Size: one piece,  about 200cmwidth×200cm height, Hang,

Material: puresilk,

Color: CMYK + LightWhite

Designed by ZhouJiu in 2009(weaving in BabeiGroup Co., Ltd.)

    The design work ofdigital jacquard fabric was inspired by feasible changing of jacquard wovenstructure based on layered-combination design mode of digital jacquard. Mergingdigital design technology and traditional jacquard technology, this work broughtpeople a brand new visual impact on digital jacquard. Through the design variationsof layered-combination structure, exciting layered-changing effects would beproduced on face of jacquard fabric with mega-level mixedcolors by the deployment of patented technology (all-coloring structure ofjacquard fabric, China invent patent CN2005100500412). In this work,with only five color threads, the creative jacquard fabric indicates the multi-colorshading effect and rich layered-changing effect, and also exhibits picturesque artisticstyle and applied value of digital jacquard fabric.

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