Wang Ziqiang

Technology Department, CNSM
Tel: 0571-87035579
Director of Technology Department, CNSM; deputy director of Chinese Textiles Identification Protection Center; deputy director of Key Scientific Research Base of Textile Conservation, SACH

Research area:
Conservation of ancient textile relics; restoration & conservation in mountings of ancient calligraphy & painting

Educational experience:
1985-1988, Zhejiang Radio & Television University
1993-1995, Department of Cultural Heritage and Museology, Fudan University
2000-2001, postgraduate courses of Department of world history of Hangzhou University (now Zhejiang University)

Working experience:
1981-1987, Hangzhou Hongfeng Silk Factory
1988-now, China National Silk Museum

Research topics & projects in charge:

State Administration of Cultural Heritage projects: 2004-2005, “paper relics” and “silk relics” parts of “Corrosion Condition of Museum Collections in China”

Projects of Zhejiang Provincial Cultural Heritage: Sub-topic "Regulation of Paper Packaging Materials Effect on Micro-Environment" of "Environmental Control Technology for Museum Artifacts on Display and Preservation"

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