Sanjay Garg



Father’sName : Late Shri R.S. GARG

Date ofBirth : 01 January 1965

Nationality: Indian

PresentPosition : Deputy Director (Research), SAARC Cultural Centre, Colombo– 7 (Sri Lanka).

Address for Correspondence:

SAARCCultural Centre, No. 224, Baudhaloka Mawatha, Colombo– 7 (Sri Lanka).Email:


a. Academic

M.A.(History), in First Division, 1984, St. John’sCollege, AgraUniversity, Agra.

Ph.D. inHistory, 2009, Centre for Historical Studies, JawaharlalNehru University,New Delhi.


b. Professional

Diploma inArchival Studies, in First Division, 1985, School of Archival Studies, NationalArchives of India, New Delhi.


1985-88:RESEARCH ASSOCIATE at the Indian Institute of Research in Numismatic Studies,Anjaneri, Nasik.

1988-91:ASSISTANT ARCHIVIST at the National Archives of India,(Department of Culture, Government of India),Janpath, New Delhi.

1991ARCHIVIST at the National Archives of India, (Department ofCulture, Government of India),Janpath, New Delhi.

1991-2010ASSISTANT DIRECTOR OF ARCHIVES at the National Archives of India, (Ministry of Culture,Government of India),Janpath, New Delhi.Worked as the Branch Head of the School of Archival Studies, Records Managementand Oriental Records Divisions.

2010-Feb.2011: DEPUTY DIRECTOR OF ARCHIVES at the National Archives of India, (Ministry of Culture,Government of India),Janpath, New Delhi.Worked as divisional head of the Records Division (including the CartographySection and the Departmental Records Room), Research Room, PublicationDivision, Exhibition Unit, NAI Museum, Grants Section,Planning & Budget Section and Hindi Section.

March2011-till date: DEPUTY DIRECTOR (RESEARCH) at the SAARCCultural Centre, Colombo.SAARC is the regional forum of the South Asian countries and includes: Afghanistan, Bangladesh,Bhutan, India, Maldives,Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Working as the head ofthe Research Division at the Cultural Centre.


1987-88:PROGRAMME DIRECTOR of the two Workshops on ‘PRACTICAL GUIDE TO THE FUNDAMENTALSOF INDIAN NUMISMATICS’ of the Indian Institute of Research in NumismaticStudies, Nasik.

1990: MEMBEROF THE ACADEMIC COMMITTEE of the First Oriental Numismatic Congress held at Nagpur (Oct./ Nov.).

1991 tilldate: ASSOCIATE EDITOR (1991-2001)/ EDITOR (2001-TILL DATE) of NumismaticDigest, an annual research journal of the Indian Institute of Research inNumismatic Studies, Nasik.

1998 tilldate: MEMBER OF THE PURCHASE COMMITTEE for the Reserve Bank of India’sMONETARY MUSEUM, Mumbai.

2001:Appeared as HISTORY EXPERT in the programme ‘History of Asian Finance’ (BangProductions, Hong Kong) telecast on NationalGeographic Channel.

2001-2011:MEMBER OF THE APPEAL COMMITTEE constituted by the Archaeological Survey ofIndia to examine coins confiscated by the Customs/ Police.

2002-04:MEMBER OF THE JOINT ADVISORY COMMITTEE (JAC) of Integrated Labour HistoryProgramme of VV Giri National Labour Institute, Noida (UP).


2003:MEMBER, EDITORIAL BOARD for Shri T.N. Chaturvedi Felicitation Volume entitled,Tri-Ratna: Heritage, Governance and Equity (Hon’ble Shri T.N. ChaturvediFestschrift), ed. by R.C. Tripathi et al, 5 Vols. (Delhi, 2003).

2005:RESOURCE PERSON for ‘Records Management Training Programme for GovernmentEmployees’ conducted at Chennai, Bhopal, Kolkata and New Delhi under World BankSub-Project on ‘Capacity Building for Good Governance’.

2005-2011:EXPERT MEMBER, LIBRARY, ARCHIVES AND MUSEUM COMMITTEE of the Union PublicService Commission (UPSC), New Delhi.

2006:PANELLIST for the Session ‘Changing Contours of Records Management (RecordsManagement and Reference Media)’ of the VISION CONFERENCE organised by theNational Archives of India (30 May).

2006-09:MEMBER OF THE ADVISORY COMMITTEE of the Madhav Rao Sapre Smriti Samachar PatraSangrahalaya evam Shodh Sansthan [MadhavRao SapreMemorial NewspaperMuseum and Research Institute], Bhopal.

2007: EXPERTMEMBER of the Panel for reviewing Hindi textbook on ‘Sociology’ for Class XI,brought out by the National Council of Educational Research and Training(NCERT), New Delhi.

2007:PANELLIST for the Book Discussion Memory as History: Alexander in Asia held atthe India International Centre, New Delhi. (9 May)

2007:MEMBER, Art Purchase Committee of Dharohar – The Haryana Museum under theauspices Kurukshetra University (Haryana).

2008:MEMBER, Committee on Collection Development, Preservation andAccess, International Institute of Social History (IISH), Amsterdam.

2009:MEMBER, Advisory Committee on Archives, IndianNational ScienceAcademy (INSA), New Delhi.

2009:CHAIRPERSON, Iran Session,at the XIV International Numismatic Congress (INC), Glasgow (UK) (31 Aug. –4 Sept. 2009).

2009-10:EDITOR, The Indian Archives, annual research journal of the NationalArchives of India, New Delhi.

2010:SPECIAL INVITEE, 26th Meeting of Arab Gulf Archives and Documents Centres, Sana’a (Yemen) (29Sept.-1 Oct. 2010).

2011 till date:EXPERT MEMBER, High Level Steering Committee for Designing Currency Notes,constituted by the Reserve Bank of India.

2011 tilldate: EXECUTIVE EDITOR, SAARC Culture, annual research journal of theSAARC Cultural Centre, Colombo (Sri Lanka).

2011 till date:EDITOR, SAARC Cultural Centre Newsletter, quarterly newsletter of theSAARC Cultural Centre, Colombo (Sri Lanka).

2011:CONVENER, SAARC Regional Conference on ‘Diminishing Cultures of South Asia’, Kandy (Sri Lanka) (19-21 July 2011).

2011:CONVENER, SAARC Workshop on ‘Societal Role of the Filmmakers: BalancingCommercial Success and Social Commitments’, on the occasion of the SAARC FilmFestival, Colombo (Sri Lanka) (12 May 2011).

2012:CONVENER, SAARC Regional Conference on ‘Circulation of Cultures and Culture ofCirculation: Diasporic Cultures of South Asia during 18th to 20th Centuries’,Galle (Sri Lanka) (15-18 March 2012).

2012:CONVENER, SAARC Workshop on ‘Film vs. Digital: The Impending Extinction ofCelluloid Film and the Challenges Ahead’, on the occasion of the SAARC FilmFestival, Colombo (Sri Lanka) (18 May 2012).

2012:CONVENER, SAARC International Conference on Archaeology of Buddhism: RecentDiscoveries in South Asia, Colombo (Sri Lanka) (22-24 August, 2012).

2012:CHAIRPERSON, Round Table on 'Mapping Buddhist Monasteries in South Asia', aspart of SAARC International Conference on Archaeology of Buddhism: RecentDiscoveries in South Asia, Colombo (Sri Lanka) (23 August, 2012).

2012-13:MEMBER, Scientific Committee of the International Congress on Cultural ImpactAssessment, to be held at Bushehr (Iran) (24-26 Feb. 2013).

2013:CONVENER, SAARC Regional Seminar on Traditional Knowledge and TraditionalCultural Expressions, Colombo (Sri Lanka) (29-30 April, 2013).


1981:Awarded TALUQDAR MEMORIAL PRIZE of the St. John’s College, Agra, for securinghighest marks in History in the B.A. (Pt. I) Examination.

1998:CHARLES WALLACE FELLOW at the University of Cambridge, Fitzwilliam Museum, UKfor preparing a Catalogue of Indian Coins in the Fitzwilliam Museum. Vol. I TheMughals and their Contemporaries including the Sikhs and the Kingdoms of theNorth East. (Apr.-June).

2009:RESIDENT FELLOW at Centro Incontri Umani (Socio-Cultural Centre), Ascona(Switzerland) for working on the project ‘Transcendent Tolerance: Nazir’sMessage of Peace and Harmony to the Modern World’ (March – Aug).

2010:ROBINSON VISITING SCHOLAR at the Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology,University of Oxford (UK) (July-Aug).

2010: KRAAYVISITOR at the Wolfson College, University of Oxford (UK) (July-Aug).


a. Undertaking and Conducting research work of PostGraduate standard:

1985 tilldate: I am engaged in independent research in areas such as history of SouthAsia in general and India in particular, with specialization on themes likeeconomic and monetary history, currency and coinage, architecture, etc., aswell as Archival Studies and have been publishing my research findings both inprint and multimedia.

b. Supervised the Research work of the followingcandidates:

1985-88:Four research scholars registered with different Indian universities/Institution for M.Phil./ Ph.D. degrees and working at the Indian Institute ofResearch in Numismatic Studies (IIRNS), Nasik (Maharashtra), on various topicsof Medieval and Modern Indian Monetary History.

1993-94:Four trainees of the One Year Diploma Course in Archival Studies (1993-94Session) enrolled in the School of Archival Studies, National Archives of Indiaand working on various topics of Modern Indian History.

c. Provided guidance and assistance to Research Scholarsworking in the National Archives of India:

1988-2011:As part of my official duties I guided and assisted various scholars enrolledin different Indian and Foreign Universities who visited the National Archivesof India to consult its collection. The names of such scholars are mentioned inthe Bulletin of Research Thesis and Dissertations published by theNational Archives of India from time to time.



a. Books:Edited/ authored seventeen books.

b. ResearchPapers: Authored over sixty-seven Research Papers - publishedin reputed journals and presented at learned fora.

(For acomplete list of Research Publications, please see Bibliography).


Conductedresearch and wrote scripts for the following multimedia productions:

a. Sagain Stone: Islamic Architecture in India: 13-episode-documentary for Doordarshan.

b. MasterBuilders of India: 5-episode-documentary for Doordarshan.

c. Historyof India: 13-episodes-serial commissioned by Gyan DarshanChannel of the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), New Delhi.

d. RecordsManagement: A Key to Efficient Administration: A multimedia CD on theoryand practices of records management in India, brought out by the NationalArchives of India.


1. Indian Institute of Research in Numismatic Studies,Nasik.

As aPROGRAMME DIRECTOR of the first two Workshops on ‘Practical Guide to theFundamentals of Indian Numismatics’.

2. Visiting Faculty:

a. School ofArchival Studies, National Archives of India, New Delhi.

b. Institutefor Secretariat Management and Practice, New Delhi.

c. BhogilalLeherchand Institute of Indology, New Delhi.

d. DineshMody Institute for Numismatics and Archaeology, Mumbai University. Mumbai.

3. Examiner:

Served as anExaminer for the paper ‘Administrative History and Epigraphy’ of the PostGraduate Diploma Examination in Archival Studies at Cochin University ofScience and Technology (CUST), Kochi (Kerala). 2005.


1. Hindi :Mother Tongue.
2. English : Medium of Instruction.
3. Urdu : Certificate Course from St. John’s College, Agra. 1982-83.
4. French : Working Knowledge. Studied at Alliance Fran?aise de Delhi, 1985.
5. Persian : Working Knowledge. Studied at Iran Cultural House, New Delhi,1989-90.


1998,March-June: Fitzwilliam Museum, University of Cambridge (UK) as CHARLES WALLACEFELLOW.

1998, May:Cabinet des Médaillies, Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris to study the Indian coinsin its collection.

1998, June:Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford, to study the Indian coins in itscollection.

1998,May-June: British Museum, London, to study the Indian coins in its collection.

2003, Sept.:Participated in the XIII International Numismatic Congress, Madrid andpresented a research paper entitled, ‘Coins of European Adventurers in India’.

2003, Sept.:Department of Oriental Studies, University of Milan (Italy), to deliver aSeminar on ‘Indian Numismatic Research: Perspectives and Prospects’.

2003, Sept.:Department of Eurasian Studies, University of Venice (Italy), to give a talk on‘Sources of Modern Indian History’.

2007, Oct:Department of Indian and Tibetan Studies, Kern Institute of Indology,University of Leiden (The Netherlands), to deliver a Lecture on ‘MonetaryDisintegration of the Mughal Empire: An Eighteenth Century Perspective’.

2007, Oct:Oxford (UK) to participate in the First Shivdasani Conference entitled‘Archaeology and Text: The Temple in South Asia’, organized by Oxford Centrefor Hindu Studies (OCHS). Presented a research paper entitled, ‘Money of theGods: The Religious Tokens of India’.

2007, Oct.:British Museum, London, to study the Indian coins in its collection.

2007, Oct.:British Library, London, to study the records and other archival sources in itscollection.

2007,Oct.-Nov.: Fitzwilliam Museum, University of Cambridge (UK), to finalize thepublication of the Catalogue entitled ‘Indian Coins in the Fitzwilliam Museum,Cambridge, Vol. 1: Mughals and their Contemporaries’.

2008, Dec.:International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam (The Netherlands) toattend the Meeting of Committee on Collection Development, Preservation andAccess, as a Member (12-13 Dec).; and to participate in the Symposium on‘Collecting Sources of Social History’ (13-15 Dec.).

2008, Dec.:Bode Museum, Berlin (Germany), to study the Indian coins in its collection(18-19 Dec.).

2008, Dec.:Department of Archive Studies, Marmara University, Istanbul (Turkey), todeliver a lecture on ‘Records Management: Theory and Practices (with specialreference to India).

2008, Dec.:Ottoman Archives, Istanbul (Turkey), to consult documents of Indian interest inits collection.

2009,March-Aug.: Centro Incontri Umani (Socio-Cultural Centre), Ascona(Switzerland), to work as a RESIDENT FELLOW on the project ‘TranscendentTolerance: Nazir’s Message of Peace and Harmony to the Modern World’.

2009, May:Department of Oriental Studies, University of Milan (Italy), to deliver aLecture on ‘The Mughals of India: Power and Politics revealed through theirCoins’.

2009, June:The Khalili Research Centre for the Art and Material Culture of the MiddleEast, University of Oxford (UK), to deliver Lecture on ‘The Metallic Verse: TheCoinage of the Mughals’.

2009,Aug.-Sept.: Participated in the XIV International Numismatic Congress, Glasgow(UK) and presented a research paper entitled ‘The King, the Princes and theRaj: The clash over coin-inscriptions and minting rights during the nineteenthcentury India’.

2009, Sept.:Participated in the International conference on ‘Historiography & Iran inComparative Perspective’ organised by the Institute of Iranian Studies,University of St Andrews/ Iran Heritage Foundation, St. Andrews (UK) andpresented a research paper entitled ‘Safavid-Mughal Relations: the NumismaticEvidence’.

2010, July:Participated in the 20th Conference of the European Association of South AsianArchaeology and Art, Vienna (4-10 July 2010) and presented a research paperentitled ‘New Light on Charles Masson (1800-53)’.

2010,July-Aug.: Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology, University of Oxford (UK)as ROBINSON VISITING SCHOLAR. Simultaneously, also held KRAAY VISITORSHIP atthe Wolfson College, University of Oxford (UK) (July-Aug).

2010, Sept.-Oct.:Participated in the 26th Meeting of Arab Gulf Archives and Documents Centres,Sana’a (Yemen) as SpecialInvitee and made a presentation entitled, ‘India and the Arab World: TheArchival Connection’.

2011,Oct.-Nov.: Organised Symposium on ‘Folk Dances in the SAARC Region’ at Dhaka (Bangladesh).

2011,Nov.: Participated in the International Conference on‘Pilgrimages and Sanctuaries: Art, Music and Rituals’ organized bythe CentroIncontri Umani (Socio-Cultural Centre), Ascona (Switzerland) inassociation with Groupe Sociétés Religions La?cité, Centre National de laRecherche Scientifique (CNRS), Ecole Pratique des hautes Etudes, Université dela Sorbonne and the Department of Social Anthropology, University of St Andrews(UK) presented a research paper entitled ‘Pilgrims’ Memorabilia in the SocialLandscape of India’.

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